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The cost of reuse is much lower than that of recycling. It is more enjoyable & inspiring. We feature a collection of How-To videos regarding various Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects & a community built around helping the environment by spreading creative reuse.

We are building a community around creative reuse. Please join us !! 


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DIY Do-It-Yourself Reuse : Different reuses for a used light bulb
DIY  Reuse : Reuse used paper and cardboard boxes
 DIY Do-It-Yourself  Ways to Reuse used plastic bottles 
DIY Reuse : Things you can do from used metal cans
DIY Do-It-Yourself Reuse  : Reuses of used CDs


 DIY Do-It-Yourself Reuse : Creative reuses of plastic bags

DIY Do-It-Yourself Reuse  Ways to reuse old clothes 
DIY Do-It-Yourself How to recycle / reuse computers  




DIY Do-It-Yourself Reuse Ways to reuse electronics




REDUCE: Dont buy what you don't need! 

REUSE : If it gets broken, Fix it, find another use for it or donate it

RECYCLE : make sure it gets reprocessed properly


Find a recycling center near you* (*US only)

Donate your old computer 

Do-it-yourself, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,


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